I have two GPU's in my rig that are not mining.

Honeyminer calls OpenCL device 0 - Precompiled code C:\Users\everett\AppData\Local/.openclcache/8a2caf8a7cbf6d0b967df235bfb5e3346ded63a6ca6f7b07d0b0ad2dee6764be.openclbin

This file does not exist in the directory it is being searched for. I started with outdated drivers for my 2 ATI 480's. They didn't mine. I have upgraded through several driver versions (starting with a clean install), and they still don't mine.

I have deleted the config.json file, and restarted honeyminer, no change. I even deleted the .openclcache folder, the config.json file, and restarted honeyminer. Still nothing.

I'm sure that the file honeyminer is looking for is the work OpenCL should be doing (because the file name changes constantly), and likely needs to be downloaded (and isn't being downloaded). Where do I get the file that honeyminer is looking for from?